With a capacity of 24 MW and 48 MWh of storage capacity, the Buffalo battery will be the largest battery project in The Netherlands. Another GIGA battery! Eneco will be renting the battery for a longer period of time and using it to make its energy services more sustainable.

The Buffalo battery will be installed in 2022 at the location at the test center of Wageningen University & Research in Lelystad. The battery is connected to and part of Windnet’s smart grid and is directly connected to the Mammoettocht and Neushoorntocht wind farms. In 2021 solar parks of Solarfields: Mojo and Dorhout Mees will be connected to the smart grid of Windnet and thus to the batteries. Eneco will rent the battery for a longer period of time and use it for, among other things, the sustainable balancing of its energy services and to put more sustainable energy on the electricity grid. This is done by using the battery in such a way that switching off sustainable energy production is limited. In addition, the electricity grid is stabilized with the help of the Buffalo battery. And in this way the Buffalo battery makes an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Solarfields en Lowlands have started building the largest solar carport in the world. The solar park will be built on the Lowlands parking lot and has an area of 35 hectares. The Mojo solar carport will be operational in October 2021 and consists of 90,000 solar panels that produce about 35,000,000 kWh of electricity annually. This is equivalent to the electricity consumed by 10,000 households per year or to 100 festival weekends. Solar carport will be included in Windnet’s smart grid.


The Buffalo battery is supplied by Wärtsilä. The battery called GridSolv Quantum is a fully integrated modular and compact energy storage system (ESS) designed for sustainable energy storage and optimization. The Gridsolv Quantum system is equipped with extensive safety features and integrated hardware and software. These batteries are cobalt, nickel and manganese free.