GIGA Storage offers energy producers or customers Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS) to respond quickly to fluctuations in the energy market.  


In the current energy transition, we are moving from fossil energy sources for the generation of electricity, such as gas and coal, to sustainable energy sources, such as sun and wind. When generating electricity with sun and wind, we can only use the sustainable energy sources if they are available, namely when the sun is shining and when the wind is blowing. This is also called variable renewable energy because this generation cannot be turned on or off, or raised or lowered, just like that.

For the energy supply, it is difficult to predict how much sustainable energy is available during a day. This is also the case for producers and consumers of sustainable energy with the solar and wind energy that they sell to customers or the energy market.

Batteries can be deployed for a short time to compensate for these shortages and surpluses in sustainable energy generation, or to help keep the energy system balanced by actively offering balancing products to national or regional grid operators.


StaaS is our service for the storage of electricity where our customer has access to the control of a battery via the GIGA IT Platform and can therefore use the battery as smartly as possible, in combination with their own electricity portfolio of energy producers and consumers. The customer can use the fast adjustable power of our battery for the different markets such as the intra-day, FRC, aFRR and Energy Imbalance Market. For the purchase of StaaS, commercial agreements and technical preconditions are laid down in long-term contracts so you can use (part of) the storage capacity according to your own needs.

the future of energy storage, today

GIGA Storage realizes large-scale renewable energy storage.
Smart use of large-scale energy storage allows parties to be connected faster at lower social costs, using more renewable energy and accelerating the closure of fossil fuel power plants.