GIGA Storage is a developer, manager and investor of energy storage in large-scale sustainable projects in Europe with the aim of replacing gas and coal-fired power stations and ensuring grid stability. 


The Rhino battery, with a capacity of 12 MW/7,5 MWh, was the most powerful battery in the Netherlands when it was delivered in 2020. The amount of energy stored annually in the Rhino Battery is comparable to the total electricity consumption of approximately 5.000 households per year: a GIGA battery! 

The Rhino battery was installed in 2020 at the location at the test center of Wageningen University & Research in Lelystad, directly next to the Neushoorntocht wind farm. 

The primary purpose of this battery is to put a greater amount of renewable energy on the electricity grid. We do this by using the battery in such a way that the disconnection of sustainable energy production is limited. In addition, the electricity grid is stabilized with the help of the Rhino battery. The Rhino battery therefore makes an important contribution to reducing COemissions. Energy storage is the missing link in the energy transition. 

Power / capacity  12 MW/ 7,5 MWh 
Battery technology  Lithium NMC 
Supplier  NEC 
EPC  equations 
Delivered  2020 
Connection  Smart grid East Flevoland 
CO2 savings during the term  .. 


GIGA Storage realizes large-scale sustainable energy storage.
By Smart use of large-scale energy storage allows parties to be connected more quickly at lower social costs, using more sustainable energy and allowing fossil fuel power stations to be closed more quickly.