GIGA Storage is a developer, manager, and investor in energy storage for large-scale sustainable projects in Europe, aiming to replace gas and coal power plants and ensure grid stability.


At the former aluminum smelter site Aldel, work is currently underway on our GIGA LEOPARD battery. With a capacity of 300 MW and 1,200 MWh, this will be a significant battery park contributing to the energy transition in the Netherlands. At this historic location, where aluminum was produced until 2022, energy storage will be realized on an industrial scale for the first time.


In 2019, the aluminum smelter Aldel presented its ambitious green multi-year strategy to produce future-proof, sustainable aluminum. This industrial landmark had a direct (large) connection to the high-voltage grid of the grid operator TenneT.

In its green strategy, Aldel was already working on the flexibility of its production process, which could help balance the energy grid. The smelter operated as a virtual battery, allowing production to be ramped up and down on the grid operator’s request. With this virtual battery function, the aluminum smelter substantially contributed to balancing the national electricity grid. Unfortunately, Aldel went bankrupt at the end of 2022 after more than fifty years.

In April 2023, GIGA Storage will take over the closed distribution network to establish large-scale energy storage at this historic location. GIGA LEOPARD will help balance the difference between supply and demand on the Dutch electricity grid.

The virtual battery is continued with a physical battery park of 300 MW and 1,200 MWh.

GIGA Storage is proud that this historical site with a significant Groningen history will now be used for a future economy: increasing the amount of sustainable energy on our network.

In the Delfzijl region, a large amount of sustainable energy is generated; with the large battery park, the share of sustainable energy can further increase; at times when there is a shortage of energy, it can be reintroduced to the electricity grid.

“Of course, it’s unfortunate that aluminum production had to stop in Delfzijl after so many years, and we certainly recognize the significant impact it has on the local Groningen population. But as GIGA Storage, we are proud that we now have the opportunity to replace a major industrial energy consumer with a sustainable solution that will greatly aid the energy transition.”
Ruud Nijs, CEO GIGA Storage

GIGA Storage is in the preparation phase for implementation and is working closely with local authorities and relevant agencies. It is crucial that all stakeholders are informed and stay updated on the developments, which are communicated through an honest, open dialogue.