GIGA Storage is a developer, manager and investor of energy storage in large-scale renewable projects in Europe and trades energy on the energy trading markets. 


The Buffalo battery, with a capacity of 25 MW and 48 MWh of storage capacity, is the largest battery project in the Netherlands in 2022. Another GIGA battery! Eneco is committed to deploying this battery long-term to make its energy services more sustainable.

The Buffalo battery has been installed close to the Wageningen University & Research test centre in Lelystad. The battery is connected to and is part of Windnet’s smart grid, and is directly connected to the Mammoethtocht and Neushoorntocht wind farms. Eneco uses the battery, among other things, to balance its energy services sustainably and to put more sustainable energy on the grid. This limits the amount of time that the generation of sustainable energy needs to be switched off. In addition, the Buffalo battery stabilises the power grid. The Buffalo battery thus makes an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. The battery is equipped with extensive safety features and integrated hardware and software. These batteries are cobalt-, nickel- and manganese-free.

In addition to eliminating these heavy metals, GIGA Storage has chosen to make the concrete used in the foundation of our battery site more sustainable. The concrete industry is highly polluting and responsible for 5% of global CO2 emissions. To limit the CO2 emissions in the Buffalo project, GIGA Storage has been looking for more sustainable alternatives for the construction of the concrete foundation. Read below about the use of Ecocrete 100 concrete and the application of elephant grass in Bio Bound concrete.

Sustainable concrete


Power/capacity25 MW/ 48 MWh 
Battery TechnologyLithium LFP 
EPC Equans 
ConnectionSmart grid Oost-Flevoland 
CO2 savings over time .. 

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GIGA Storage realizes large-scale renewable energy storage.
Smart use of large-scale energy storage allows parties to be connected faster at lower social costs, using more renewable energy and accelerating the closure of fossil fuel power plants.