GIGA Storage is a developer, manager and investor of energy storage in large-scale, sustainable European projects and trades in energy on the energy trading markets. 


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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are energy storage systems, i.e. batteries, that store energy in the form of electricity. These batteries can be connected to the power grid and wind farms and solar farms to temporarily store energy and prevent grid congestion. For most of the year, the maximum load on the electricity network is not used at all. Only a few times per year, sometimes only for a few hours, there is a maximum load on a grid level, a part of the power grid. Storing energy can offer a quick, simple and affordable solution for these peak moments. For the other grid levels, the capacity can simply be deployed. The high-voltage grid is like a motorway on which traffic jams are not allowed. And just with the motorway, our grid is usually relatively quiet, while traffic jams only occur at certain times.

With the installation of the GIGA Rhino Battery in 2020, GIGA Storage has taken the first step towards the application of large-scale energy storage in the Netherlands. GIGA Rhino was set up as a pilot project in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research. With subsequent projects such as GIGA Buffalo and GIGA Elephant, GIGA Storage is taking further steps in achieving and accelerating the energy transition. All our projects are explained in more detail below.

the future of energy storage, today

GIGA Storage realizes large-scale renewable energy storage.
Smart use of large-scale energy storage allows parties to be connected faster at lower social costs, using more renewable energy and accelerating the closure of fossil fuel power plants.