Our Solutions

GIGA Storage creates large-scale renewable energy storage.
Through smart use of large-scale energy storage, parties can be connected faster at lower social cost, whereby more sustainable energy is used, and the closure of fossil fuel plants can be accelerated.

New Challenges

The way we consume and generate electricity is changing. The energy landscape is evolving with the rise of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and local generation. But new developments bring new challenges. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy are sufficiently available to provide us with electricity, but generating renewable energy is not fully maximised.

The electricity grid is a conventional system designed to produce energy from fossil fuels. There must be sufficient space to transport generated energy via the high-voltage grid. The big problem is that the supply-driven nature of generating renewable energy leads to enormous production peaks. As a result, congestion is becoming increasingly common.

Besides causing congestion problems, the increase in renewable energy production affects the power grid’s reliability. The increasing volatility of energy supply means imbalances between energy consumption and energy production occur more frequently.

Our Solutions

GIGA Storage places batteries at strategic locations in the grid and contributes to creating a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system.

GIGA Storage has an extensive pipeline of energy storage projects in Europe totalling more than 10 GWh in various phases, from early plans to development. We invest in projects for energy supply optimisation and grid stability. We lease energy storage capacity to large energy companies and provide services to the grid companies to balance the grid and solve congestion.


With the growth of renewable energy production and increasing electrification, our grid is not always able to handle the transportation of electricity. This is called congestion. The high-voltage grid is like a motorway on which traffic jams are not allowed. And here too, our grid is usually relatively quiet, while traffic jams only occur at certain times. These traffic jams take place at peak moments of energy production, reaching maximum transmission capacity. Reaching this maximum capacity prevents individuals, businesses, and solar and wind producers from being connected to the grid.

To solve this congestion problem, lots of effort is being put into the expansion of the power grid. The new grid is designed to withstand the maximum peak that could take place on paper. However, instead of increasing the size of the grids and adjusting them to the theoretical maximum peak, it is often better to place energy storage at strategic locations. In this way, we create a more efficient power grid at less social cost. Storage and control of electricity are indispensable for a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy system. GIGA Storage creates large-scale energy storage in Europe to prevent congestion and to be able to connect more parties to the grid.

Creating Grid Stability

By connecting more and more renewable energy production to the grid, the energy system is undergoing a structural change. Instead of being demand-driven, the system is evolving into a production-driven network. When the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing, there is a shortage of energy supply. However, too much energy is often generated during the day, causing renewable energy to be traded at negative prices or even to be switched off and is lost.

To make the energy transition a reality without affecting the reliability of the power grid, large-scale energy storage is necessary. By charging a battery during periods of supply surplus and discharging it in case of energy shortage, the grid is stabilized. GIGA Storage helps stabilize the grid by, on the one hand, offering itself to the electricity markets and, on the other, leasing its storage capacity to power companies (STAAS – Storage As A Service).        


Due to the energy transition, more and more renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, is being connected to the grid. This is a fantastic development, but these new energy sources are less reliable than fossil fuels. When the sun is not shining and the wind is not blowing, there is a shortage of energy supply. However, too much energy is often generated during the day, causing renewable energy to be traded at negative prices or even to be switched off and is lost.

To deal efficiently with renewable energy, these peak moments in supply and demand must be balanced. The grid is stabilised without the need for fossil fuels by charging a battery in periods of a supply surplus and discharging a battery in the event of an energy shortage.


GIGA Storage uses large-scale energy storage in three different ways. Through the deployment of our services, the electricity network is stabilised and local congestion is prevented. 


On the high-voltage grid, balancing products are necessary to keep the grid stable nationwide. By offering capacity through different markets, GIGA Storage can provide balancing services in a sustainable way.  


Regional grid operators face congestion at almost all medium-voltage substations. This can be solved by enlarging the cables and stations, but in many cases, installing large-scale energy storage will be a faster and cheaper solution. 

Business Parks

By operating “behind the meter” energy consumers and producers in conjunction with a battery, many more parties can be connected to the regional grid operator. Also for solar and wind production, the combination with large-scale energy storage will bring efficiency benefits.