Minister Rob Jetten opens Netherlands’ largest battery

Today, the largest battery in the Netherlands was powered up by Minister Rob Jetten. This battery, with a power of 25 MW and a capacity of 48 MWh, enables further integration of renewable generation assets into the electricity market. GIGA Storage developed the battery, which Eneco will lease on a long-term basis to support its sustainable portfolio.

GIGA Buffalo: The largest battery in the Netherlands

Rob Jetten, Minister of Climate and Energy, today powered up the largest battery in the Netherlands. GIGA Storage is the developer of the battery, which has been named GIGA Buffalo. Minister Rob Jetten once again underscored the importance of energy storage in accelerating the energy transition. By connecting batteries at strategic locations to the Dutch electricity grid, more sustainable capacity can become available to both parties that want to generate energy and also energy consumers
(industry and residential areas).

Reduce congestion on the power grid

To match the supply and demand of electricity and supply electricity when there is insufficient solar and wind production, gas and coal-fired power plants are currently mainly used. Sufficient GIGA Batteries can reduce the use of gas and coal-fired power plants for a large part of the year, thus providing substantial CO₂ reductions in addition to reducing gas consumption. Compared to a gas power plant, the GIGA Buffalo project alone saves 8,532 tons of CO₂ emissions per year. The GIGA batteries thus sustainably stabilize the power grid and, with their efficiency, ensure that the energy transition remains affordable.

Solutions for the future

Liander is the grid operator in North Holland, Flevoland, Gelderland, Friesland and part of South Holland. We ensure that 3.2 million households and businesses can use electricity and gas. Our job is to keep the energy supply reliable, affordable and accessible. That is why we maintain and renew the existing energy network, and are ready day and night to resolve disruptions. We also reinforce the electricity network in places where more capacity is needed with new cables, distribution stations and transformer houses. So that our customers can always use energy. Now and in the future.

Collaboration with partners is essential

At GIGA Storage, a passionate team of experts, in both construction and IT platform development, have been working hard on the GIGA Buffalo project for months.

This project was made possible due to the good cooperation of many parties. Participants in the realization included Eneco (tenant of the battery capacity), Wärtsilä (battery supplier), Equans (technical service provider), K. Dekker (construction contractor), Smartgrid Flevoland (the local network), Triodos Energy Transition Europe Fund and Rabobank (the investors and financiers).

Ruud Nijs, CEO of GIGA Storage:
“Our goal is to contribute to switching off gas and coal-fired power plants faster. Batteries can take over the balancing role and at the same time help local parties to be connected to the electricity grid. By realizing energy storage projects at strategic locations, we want to make a difference in the energy transition.”

About GIGA Storage

GIGA Storage realizes large-scale energy storage. It invests in projects for both energy optimization and grid stability. GIGA Storage aims to become key player of energy storage in Europe, in order to fully utilize sustainably generated energy.

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