GIGA Storage announces large-scale energy storage project in Belgium

Amstelveen, 27 September 2023 – GIGA Storage Belgium announced today that they are planning to develop a
large-scale energy storage project in Kinrooi, just across the border from Weert. With this 1,200 megawatt hour
project, another significant step is taken in the energy transition, and it becomes clear that Belgium intends to take
a leading role in Europe

Joeri Siborgs, General Manager of GIGA Storage Belgium:
Stated, “This project represents a major advancement for Belgium. This energy storage project will connect to the high-voltage grid and substantially contribute to the electricity network’s sustainable stabilisation. We already have informed the local residents of this new project
during an information session to explain our plans. We are now submitting the environmental permit application
to the competent authorities.”

Ruud Nijs, CEO of GIGA Storage:
Said, “We have been active in energy storage in the Netherlands for several years. It’s great to see that momentum is now building in Belgium as well. This project is of a similar scale to our Dutch project in Delfzijll. However, developments in Belgium are progressing faster since batteries in Belgium are largely exempt from transmission network costs.”

Last week, the Belgian Minister of Energy, Tinne van der Straeten, emphasised the importance of an attractive investment climate “It is due to the favourable investment climate that we are witnessing the construction of numerous new battery parks in Belgium.
Battery parks, for example, are exempt from transmission network charges for ten years and do not have to pay excise duties for the portion they return to the grid. In this way, we will make Belgium a leader in the energy transition.

About GIGA Storage Belgium
GIGA Storage Belgium is an energy company that develops and deploys large-scale energy storage projects within the Belgian energy network. GIGA Storage believes that large-scale energy storage from renewable sources provides a solution for phasing out fossil fuels without jeopardising energy supply. We aim to facilitate the nuclear phase-out in 2025 and strive to achieve 3GW of battery storage in Belgium by 2030.

About GIGA Storage
GIGA Storage specialises in large-scale energy storage. Investments are made in projects aimed at optimising energy supply and grid stability. GIGA Storage’s goal is to become a key player in energy storage in Europe to fully harness sustainably generated energy. Energy storage is the missing link in the transition to a world powered exclusively by renewable and clean energy