Crowdfunding Successful

GIGA Rhino Battery raises over €3.6 million in Crowdfunding.

On January 9th, the crowdfunding campaign for GIGA Storage at, for the realization of the most powerful battery (12 MW) in the Netherlands, closed successfully and the desired amount of €3.6 million was comfortably reached. More than 500 investors have stepped in. The Rhino battery will be realized on the site at the Wageningen University & Research test center in Lelystad, right next to the Neushoorntocht wind farm.

Enrique Aparicio Torres, Director DuurzaamInvesteren
“The financing of the GIGA Rhino battery is a fantastic signpost for the energy transition in the Netherlands. This transaction also shows again that the ‘crowdfunding’ of larger amounts is possible.”

Ruud Nijs, CEO of GIGA Storage
“We are grateful for the trust placed in us by more than 500 investors. Energy storage is the missing link in the energy transition, and with this battery we can take an important step towards actually switching off coal plants.”