GIGA Storage manages its own assets via a self-developed IT platform. On this platform, information is read in from energy markets, the batteries and other required data types such as; energy market notifications, weather forecasts, emergency calls etc. This information comes from various sources with all of which we have developed lines of communication. This data is gathered on our platform, where our traders, technical staff and management can see how the batteries are performing and how they are being used.

However, the platform is not only a collection of measured data, there is also intelligence behind it. The algorithms and strategies that the trading team has developed can be simulated precisely down to the minute. This way, we can be sure that a strategy is performing well before we apply it. The development of these strategies is part of the platform. With all the data collected, we bring AI and other algorithmic applications together to develop the optimal control of a battery.


The signals and real-time control of the batteries are essential. Via our platform, signals are automatically forwarded to the relevant parties, who can take action if something threatens to go wrong. The real-time control can intelligently choose between strategies based on market prices and bids won. This way, no single person needs to be involved to ensure that the batteries are managed safely and effectively.

the future of energy storage, today

GIGA Storage realizes large-scale renewable energy storage.
Smart use of large-scale energy storage allows parties to be connected faster at lower social costs, using more renewable energy and accelerating the closure of fossil fuel power plants.