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GIGA Storage is the energystorage company that develops, creates and deploys large-scale energy storage projects. The smart combination between hardware and software makes our solution so unique!


Mission statement

“GIGA batteries pave the way to switch off gas and coal-fuelled power plants.”  


“Our mission is to switch off fossil-fuelled power plants by creating large-scale energy storage.”

To achieve this goal, we have the ambition to develop and create 5 GW of battery storage capacity throughout Europe by 2030. This can only take place through a combination of Dutch and European growth.

The way we consume and generate electricity is changing. The energy landscape is evolving with the rise of renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and local generation. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power are sufficiently available to provide us with electricity. However, this sustainable generation is currently not being used optimally, and imbalance and congestion are becoming increasingly common on the power grid.

GIGA Storage is the energy company that develops, creates and deploys large-scale energy storage projects. The smart combination between hardware and software makes our solution so unique!


By deploying our GIGA batteries, we are helping to use sustainably generated energy smartly, and contributing to solving the congestion and imbalance problem on the grid.

We execute this by placing GIGA powerful batteries in strategically smart locations to optimally manage renewable energy storage and to be able to supply energy at the right time, to the right customer and at the right place. GIGA Storage places batteries at strategic locations in the electricity network, prevents congestion and guarantees grid stability.

GIGA Storage has an extensive pipeline of energy storage projects in Europe totalling more than 10 GWh in various phases, from early plans to development. We invest in projects for energy supply optimisation and grid stability. We lease energy storage capacity to large energy companies and provide services to the grid companies to balance the power grid and solve congestion with renewable energy.


GIGA Storage Belgium develops and deploys large-scale energy storage projects within the Belgian energy network. We believe that large-scale energy storage of energy from renewable energy sources offers an answer to switching off fossil fuels without endangering energy supplies. Our ambition is to realize 5 GW of battery storage in Europe before 2030.


GIGA Storage realizes large-scale renewable energy storage. Smart use of large-scale energy storage allows parties to be connected faster at lower social costs, using more renewable energy and accelerating the closure of fossil fuel power plants. 

How It Works

The energy transition is seeing more and more green energy, such as solar and wind power, being connected to the grid. This is a fantastic development, but these new forms of energy generation are less reliable than generation using fossil fuels. When the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow, there is a shortage of energy supply. On the other hand, too much energy is often generated during the day so green energy has to be switched off and is lost.

To deal with green generated energy efficiently, these
peak moments in supply and demand must be balanced. By charging a battery during periods of excess supply and discharging it in the event of an energy shortage, the grid is stabilized without the need for fossil fuels.

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GIGA Storage is the “game changer” in large-scale renewable energy storage. Energy storage is the missing link in the energy transition. This is the time to bet on powerful, robust and large-scale battery storage.

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