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The groups 8 of the Jan Hekmanschool received sustainability lessons from two local, green entrepreneurs last Thursday. Maarten Quist and Lars Rupert from GIGA storage gave a presentation in class with questions such as: What is sustainable? What do the labels on your shopping mean? What about the plastic soup? Why are there two buttons on your toilet? What different lamps are there? Fortunately, some children already had some knowledge about this subject.

After the presentation, the children went through the school in groups with their own questionnaire to see how sustainable their own school is. After the break, a joint presentation was prepared about how things are at school now and what can be improved. There were ten presentations in which the children presented the school director with all kinds of ideas. For many children, the theme was the unsafe situation to attend school. Dave Markus indicated that this is a very topical theme, which the school is currently working hard to come to concrete adjustments with the municipality. That is why this theme is taken up as the most important point.

Of the remaining presentations, the three with the best advice were chosen by vote. Water saving was chosen at number one. The students’ idea was to install water-saving faucets and to educate each other to use the existing energy-saving button on the toilet. The number one waste was chosen as the number two, where it was proposed to better separate waste at school, but also to see if less waste can be produced. The example of the plastic soup in the ocean appealed to the imagination. The number 3 theme was energy & green, with the proposal to create a vegetable garden next to the school and solar panels on the roof of the school.

The school will start using these recommendations in the coming period. The children from these groups will form a sustainability council, which together with the entrepreneurs and director Dave Markus will find out how they can put their ideas into practice. It was a very inspiring morning with a lot of awareness and concrete sustainability actions as the end result. solution