The Future of Energy Storage, Today

GIGA storage is the “game changer” in large-scale sustainable energy storage. Energy storage is essential in the sustainable energy transition. Now is the time to invest in powerful, solid and large-scale battery storage: welcome to GIGA storage.

What we are doing

GIGA storage invests in large-scale battery storage in Europe. Investments are being made in projects for both grid stability and optimization of energy supply.

One of the consequences of the growth in the production of renewable electricity and the shutdown of coal-fired power stations is more volatility in production, with major changes in the supply of electricity from one hour to another. Storage and control of electricity is indispensable for a reliable and affordable energy system.

As a start we aim to enter the market with at least 300 MW of large-scale battery storage at power stations, wind farms and solar parks. GIGA storage has set the goal of becoming the market leader in Europe for large-scale storage of energy. This is realized by forming strategic alliances with market parties such as service providers and energy producers.


Fragment “Onbalans elektriciteitsnet” NOS Journaal d.d. 5 mei 2018


Batteries are installed at strategic locations in the electricity grid. The GIGA storage service partners deal with the battery capacity in the various energy markets, with the capacity market currently being the most important market. Trading on the capacity markets aims to keep the electricity grid in balance. The figure below shows schematically how this works technically.

Balancing and frequency maintenance

Sustainable Contributions

The projects’ CO2-savings are calculated at 28,053,000 Kg CO2 over the 15-year term per 100 MWh installed capacity. The annual CO2 savings convert into equivalents such as trees, households and return flights to New York

GIGA storage will donate 0.5% of the annual net revenue to the GIGA Foundation.The GIGA Foundation uses these funds for two charities:
1. The protection of wild elephants;Poaching and the illegal trade in Ivory is still a threat to all elephants and has increased significantly in recent years, threatening the elephant with extinction. The number of elephants has decreased by 8% per year in recent years, mainly due to poaching (source, NRC Aug 2016). GIGA Foundation donates to organizations that are committed to the conservation of wild elephants.
2. A further to be completed project in line with the promotion of sustainable energy and energy storage in developing countries.


GIGA storage focuses on the main Sustainable Development Goal: “sustainable and affordable energy”. In order to increase the share of renewable energy in a sustainable way, energy storage is an indispensable link. GIGA storage invests in energy infrastructure and clean energy technology for the storage component.


(28.053 tons per year)





Return flights to New York




Lars Rupert has a very extensive experience in structuring, mergers & acquisitions. He has been involved in many (re) financing projects and the setting up of international investment funds and investment structures.



Maarten Quist is sustainable entrepreneur in the field of innovative and sustainable projects. He is developer of the first zero energy hotel Breeze and initiator of several realized Energy Service Company’s.


Esger Schouten is founder / owner of Jules Energy Projects. Esger is active in the development, financing and management of battery projects and large-scale PV installations, and has extensive financial background.



Rob van Leeuwen is founder / owner of Jules Energy Projects and expert in the field of storage and trading in energy.

advisory board

Ruud Nijs is a business economist and worked for many years at ABN AMRO, the Rabobank and in artificial intelligence. He is chairman of the investment committee at various sustainable funds. Ruud Nijs assesses investment proposals for GIGA storage from his role as chairman of the Advisory Board.

Ruud Koornstra is founder of Tendris, Oxxio and NeWMotion. He has been the first Energy Commissioner of the Netherlands since 2017. From his position on the Advisory Board, Ruud provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the daily management of GIGA storage.




GIGA storage is the “game changer” in large-scale sustainable energy storage. Now is the time to invest in powerful, solid and large-scale battery storage!